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6x15mm Brushed DC Motor 16,000Kv (CW + CCW) - 2 pair

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Part Number: HP-DCM061516KVSET

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Brushed motors made a revolutionary change in the R/C industry and proved to be a good alternative to IC engines, until the evolution of Brushless motors. Now the same technology returns and with a major technological difference. No more are they heavy and inefficient as compared to Brushless motors. The newly adopted manufacturing process makes them the next generation powerhouse and outperform the brushless motors too.

These are high performance coreless motors from Hyperion. Adopting precious metal brush, high performance Nd-Fe-B magnet and high-strength tiny enameled wire. The motors features a compact size of Ø6x15mm, light in weight, precision design and structure, flexible operation, low starting voltage, low power consumption and high efficiency. These tiny motors churn up a whopping 16000kv on 1V. These remarkable breakthrough makes them perfectly suit for Mini quadcopter use and R/C toys. And yes they are maintenance free too.


  • Compact size Ø6x15mm and light weight
  • Precision designed for flexible operation
  • Low starting voltage
  • Low power consumption with high efficiency
  • Maintenance free
  • Available in CW and CCW configuration

Included with the package:

  • 6x15mm Brushed DC Motor 16,000Kv (CW + CCW) x 2 sets


  • Dimension: Ø6x15mm
  • Voltage: 3.1V
  • kV: 16000
  • Terminal Resistance: 1.47ohm
  • No Load RPM: 48000
  • No Load Current: 85mA
  • Constant Torque: 0.15mNm/A
  • Weight of motor: 3.7g
  • Packaging Weight: 13g