Hyperion, the leader in quality Lithium batteries for almost two decades, has just released a Lithium battery like no other; the Hyperion G7 SV (Standard voltage) 4.2V Si-Graphene Pack that performs at a whole new level. Now say Goodbye to traditional Lipos and take advantage of the technology of the future. Silicon combined with Graphene makes for a superior electrode compared to standard LiPo batteries. Hyperion proprietary Si-Graphene chemistry ensures that your G7 pack will have higher-capacity, lower internal resistance, and longer cycle life than any other-brand LiPo currently on the market. The G7 combines quality Graphene substrate with a Silicon metalloid to produce a Lithium battery that is uncompromised in performance and reliability. Hyperion’s proprietary Si-Graphene additive has been shown to be less prone to puffing than standard Silicon-only LiPo packs. Silicon-Graphene additive helps to preserve the Anode from corrosion during discharging, thus increasing the batteries longevity and cycle-life.

Hyperion G7 Si-Graphene SV