G5 2Cmax 2S 3400mAh 4.2V-Max Li-Ion for FPV Goggle (18650B cells)


Part Number: HP-G502-3400S2

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Give your FPV goggles the extra duration and enjoy increased flight time without having to replace or recharge with Hyperion G5 2S 3400mAh 4.2V-Max 2Cmax Li-Ion pack (18650B cells). The pack is compact in size, lightweight and have genuine Panasonic 18650B cells with high capacity. This new pack offers the reliability and robustness of a Li-ion cell. The 2S pack is designed for use with FPV goggles and can also be used with FrSky Q X7 transmitters. Comes with a Barrel connector for main output and 2S XH balance plug for charging. Can also be used with Fatshark & other brand goggles having the 2.1mm barrel plug option.


  • High Capacity 3400mAh, 2S pack
  • Genuine Panasonic 18650 Li-ion cells
  • 2.1mm barrel connector for output
  • Can also be used with Frsky Q X7 radio (Modding of the adapter required)
  • Compact size and Lightweight

Included with the package:

  • G5 2S 3400mAh 4.2V-Max 2Cmax Li-Ion for FPV Goggle (18650B cells) x 1


  • Make: Panasonic 18650B Li-ion cells
  • Voltage: 7.4 (2s)
  • Capacity: 3400mAh
  • Watt Hours: 25.16wHr
  • Charge rate: 1C Max (3.4 amps)
  • Main plug: 2.1mm Barrel (center positive)
  • Balance Connector: 2s XH
  • Weight: 101g
  • Dimensions: 70x37x20mm

Note: This G5 2S pack is equipped with special circuitry to avoid over charging and discharging. Be sure to set your charger to cutoff voltage at 4.20v per cell (8.4v total) to achieve a full cycle.