GP Super Heavy Duty Zinc-Carbon AA Battery (1.5V, 4pcs) - Genuine

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GP Supercell Heavy Duty Zinc-Carbon AA Battery is the most economical energy solution in the range. Suitable for most general battery operated devices that need limited power to function. The Zinc–carbon cell is an improvement on the original Zinc chloride cell, using purer chemicals and giving a longer life and steadier voltage output as it is used. Improvements include the use of purer grades of manganese dioxide, better sealing, and purer zinc for the negative electrode. These cells are usually marketed as heavy-duty, extra-heavy-duty, or even super-heavy-duty batteries, and offer about twice the service life of general purpose zinc–carbon cells, or up to four times in continuous-use or high-drain applications.

Zinc–carbon batteries were the first commercial dry batteries, developed from the technology of the wet Leclanché cell. They made flashlights and other portable devices possible, because the battery can function in any orientation. They are excellent for low drain or intermittent use devices such as remote controls, flashlights, clocks or transistor radios. Zinc–carbon dry cells are single-use primary cells.


  • More cost-benefits for everyday use
  • Good performance on moderate to low-drain devices
  • AA size, compatible with most electronic equipment
  • Super Heavy Duty
  • Up to Four times service life

Included with the Package:

  • GP Super Heavy Duty Zinc-Carbon AA Battery (1.5V) x 4pcs


  • Material: Carbon Zinc chemistry
  • Type: Cylindrical cell type AA size
  • Volt: 1.5
  • Average weight: 17.3g


  • Always store zinc–carbon batteries at room temperature; storage at higher temperatures reduces the expected service life
  • Zinc-carbon batteries must not be thrown in with domestic waste