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FeiyuTech FY-G3 Ultra 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

Old Price: $79.95

Special Price: $39.98

Part Number: FY-G3-GIMBAL

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Feiyu Tech, manufacturer of professional handheld gimbal stabilization systems.

The newest FY-G3 Ultra Handheld steady Gimbal is more easy to operate , and it can made you to record the beautiful memories perfectly with easy.

It has three mode : Heading following mode , Heading and Picthing following mode and Lock mode ( heading , Picthing and Rolling, all of these are locked ).


  • Input Voltage: 9-12volts(MAX 17.0V)
  • Overload current protection: 800mA
  • Pitch angle: -100 (down)/ 0 (Horizontal)/ +180 (up)
  • Roll angle: -45/ 0(Horizontal)/ +45
  • Heading angle: -150 (left)/ 0 (Horizontal)/ +150 (right)
  • Weight: 305g


  • 1x 3 axis gimbal ready to go
  • 4x battery (require 3 to work) 1 spare
  • 1x battery charger AC
  • 2x USB Cable

See the Manuals and Support Tab for more details for full specifications

Can also be used to GoPro HERO4.