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Lighter RC - Quick Change Landing Gear - Profile Type

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Part Number: LRC-109

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Available: 10+ Shipping Info*'s Quick Change gear with allows you to quickly change between different sizes of struts and wheels. Struts can be quickly installed or removed by squeezing the spring shape at the end, so you can remove and straighten (or replace) a bent strut at the field, and get right back in the air...

This design is specifically intended for profile planes, and will even fit inside a single-sheet Depron fuselage. The Composite assembly is only 4mm wide by 21mm tall. The Fiberglass cover measures 20mm wide by 50mm long, and provides a large surface area for gluing to the fuselage and spreads the load beautifully, so even soft foam presents no problem. The composite parts weigh a total of only 3 grams!

Landing struts are 3–5 grams per pair (depending on size and length).