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Split-Pack Adapter for Jst EH Based Chargers, 7S (3S+4S)

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Part Number: HP-EOSLBA-SP07EH

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This 7S split adaptor lets you connect two lipos (3S+4S) to one connection for serial charging or charge a 7S split pack of high capacity with split balance connector in 3S+4S combination. With this super useful adapter you can easily charge your 7S battery with any standard 7S capable balance charger that accepts JST-EH balance plugs. This adapter takes the two 3S&4S individual plugs from your pack, and combines them to one single 7S balance plug which is able to connect to most standard 7S capable chargers.

Included with the package:

  • Split-Pack Adapter for JST-EH Based Chargers, 7S (3S+4S) x 1


  • Type: Split balance adaptor
  • Main Connector: 7S
  • Charge connector: 3S & 4S
  • Compatible lipo: 7S (Split pack)