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Steel Pinion Gears for 2.3mm Shaft - 14T

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Part Number: HP-PIN0523-14

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Hyperion Hardened Steel Pinion gears are the last pinion gears you will ever need to purchase. The Pinion gears are machined from a special steel alloy and are hardened for ultimate strength and durability. During the manufacturing process, extremely tight tolerances are maintained so the pitch of the gear is precise. This means Hyperion Pinion gears run very quietly and efficiently. As Brass or Aluminum gears wear, the interface between the pinion and spur gears degrade. The hardened Pinions are so tough that you can eliminate the need for spare gears in your toolbox. The Pinion gears are also strong enough to survive any insane power system that you choose to fit in your 3D helicopter.

Highest quality, Japanese-made Steel Pinion Gears with Black Oxide Anti-rust Coating and Hardened. Features a Module 0.5 pitch, Suitable for use with 400/450 class helicopters such as Align Trex450 series. M3 Setscrew included.


  • Japanese-made Steel alloy Pinion Gears
  • Black Oxide Anti-rust Coating
  • Hardened for strength and durability
  • Suitable for 450 class Electric Helicopters

Included with the package:

  • Steel Pinion Gear for 2.3mm Shaft - 14T x 1


  • Type: Pinion gear
  • Material: Steel alloy (Black Oxide coating)
  • No of Teeth: 14
  • Module: 0.5
  • Pinion I.D: 2.3mm

Recommended for Hyperion P1919M Helicopter Motor Applications:

For best performance, Select motor shaft size and Tooth count from the list.

  • 3D Max w/rpm control: P1919M-04, 3S, use HP-PIN0523-13 (3200rpm max)
  • 3D Max gas mode: P1919M-04, 3S, use HP-PIN0523-12 (3000 rpm max)
  • Aerobatic: P1919M-06, 3S, use HP-PIN0523-15 (2900rpm max)
  • Aerobatic: P1919M-06, 4S, use HP-PIN0523-11 (2880rpm max)
  • Longest Runtime: P1919M-06, 3S, use HP-PIN0523-14