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Standard Servo Extension Twisted Wire 450mm (JR)

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Part Number: HP-WR-JR450-TWIST

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This is a Standard Servo Extension Twisted Wire with JR "Z" connectors. Features high quality twisted wire with gold plated pins. This extension connects between the receiver and the servo to extend the wire, suitable for use in giant scale models. Comes with a male Z" connector on one end and female "Z" connector on other end, for use with JR/Hitec Standard Servos.

Included with the package:

  • Standard Servo Extension Twisted Wire 450mm (JR) x 1


  • Type: JR
  • Length: 450mm
  • Connectors: JR "Z" Male/Female
  • Wire color: Black,Red,Yellow

Note: The JR Extension wire follows a standard 3 color feature with Black/Brown (-), Red (+) and Yellow (Signal)