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Align 150 Main Blades-White AL-HD123BB

Old Price: $7.99

Special Price: $4.00

Part Number: AL-HD123BB

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Available: 2 Shipping Info*

Fits: T-REX 150X..

  • The PA-747 industrial grade ABS plastic main rotors with metal ring for assembly, effectively provide excellent stability and high tensile strength during fast head speed. Feature in quiet and aerodynamically efficient, and intensity providing stable hovering and superb flight performance. Customizable color design allow for pilots to select based on their preference.
  • Make sure to only use the 150 Main Blades [HD123AB/HD123BB/HD123CB/HD123EB] series on Trex 150X for installation or replacement. The new 150 main blade is special design for 150X, it can withstand higher rotor speed, and efficiently resist higher centrifugal tension, to avoid the problem of blade shooting while high rotational speed.
  • Specification:

    • Shape: Symmetrical wing
    • Length:120 mm
    • Weight:Approx 6g/set
    • Main Blades x 2 set
    • Main blade Decal x 1 set